In recent years, France has seen a proliferation of conferences, colloquiums, exhibitions, artistic performances and publications focusing on fashion. At the same time, couture houses and museums are shedding new light on the patrimonial value of fashion. These institutions are actively defining fashion research in France. These initiatives are positive, and it would be remiss if these projects remained isolated from each other. The bridges between disciplines are under construction and the links between museums and universities can be strengthened. In the current landscape, it is sometimes difficult to have a global vision of the richness and diversity of fashion research in France.

Unity makes us strong; this is what Culture(s) de Mode proposes by grouping all the people who contribute to fashion research in France and by encouraging collaborations between them beyond their institutional grounding. Culture(s) de Mode creates bridges between disciplines as well as between institutions. Culture(s) de Mode supports and promotes initiatives and actors that enhance the French fashion heritage, by federating fashion researchers into a rich and diversified network,


  • A network of people involved in fashion research on subjects related to France. Any researcher, working in France or abroad, is invited to be part of the network. We look forward to fostering links and exchanges between France and other countries.
  • A website that highlights the latest research and scientific events on fashion organized in France.
  • An online platform that develops and hosts innovative digital research projects.
  • A project under the aegis of the public non-profit association Filatures. Histoire et Mode, which funds scholarships and research projects.
  • An organizing body for meetings and collaborations between researchers, universities, museums and fashion houses.
  • A way to transcend institutional anchors and stimulate collaboration between people, disciplines, and institutions.
  • Open to all: Culture(s) de Mode defines “fashion research” in the broadest sense: we are open to anyone who thinks about fashion. Culture(s) de Mode is for students, professors, researchers, museum curators, archivists, designers, engineers, theorists, artists, philosophers, historians, sociologists, anthropologists, writers, journalists and amateurs…

Join the network and contribute to the dynamism of research in France